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How acoustic insulation of buildings work?

Sound insulation for walls

At the present time, it has become important to take care to isolate rooms and newly constructed buildings, as the insulation helps to preserve the privacy of the population as it prevents from being affected by external noise resulting from the population density in cities in particular, because population density is the reason for the large number of high-rise buildings that contain many apartments, In which there are many people who reside next to each other.

So it is important to preserve the privacy of each house in general through isolation during the construction of the house, and the insulation has many types and benefits, the most important types of which are sound and heat insulation, and the benefits of these two types of insulation are very many, including reducing Noise and reduce electrical consumption, so that good insulation preserves the internal heat of the building, reducing the use of air-conditioning equipment in the summer and heating equipment in the winter.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation is intended to ensure that sound does not travel to and from the place to be isolated, and when placing materials to isolate sound, it is important to understand a lot of engineering terms through which the appropriate type of insulation is determined, such as knowing the speed of sound, sound frequency, sound intensity and other factors that affect the type and quality of insulation. The type of insulating material used in cinemas is not the same as used in homes or companies, and the insulation process is done by placing the materials designated for the insulation process between the concrete while it is under construction, and there are many insulating materials that each type has ideal methods for implementing the perfect insulation.

There are materials for thermal insulation only and there are materials for sound insulation only and there are some materials that can be used as sound and heat insulators together, such: Polystyrene material

Polystyrene foam is a good thermal insulator and therefore it is used as a building insulation material, and it is used in insulating concrete forms and building systems with insulating structural panels.

Revalue prefabricated walls are created by pouring a lightweight concrete filler added to an insulating polystyrene material into a mold and on both sides are gypsum boards that are then treated in a controlled environment, ensuring complete sound and thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation

The importance of thermal insulation

Thermal and acoustic insulation is an important way to  save energy and heat insulation for buildings is to prevent the transfer of heat from outside to inside or vice versa, whether the temperature is high or low.

As for sound insulation, it has two types: preventing the transmission of sound in partitions, walls and ceilings from the outside, or preventing the transmission of vibration and sounds of The machines.

First, thermal insulation:

Thermal insulation is described as the method by which energy is conserved and saved; By reducing the thermal gain, or heat loss, of buildings and equipment.

The heat is transferred in summer from outside the building to the inside, and this trend is reflected in the winter, due to the difference in temperatures between inside and outside, as for the amount of heat transferred depends on several factors, the most important of which is the difference between internal and external temperatures, the thickness of building elements such as walls, ceilings, floors and their area, and the nature The materials that compose them, for example, regular concrete, solid bricks and building stones are considered materials with good thermal conductivity, while wood is a poor conductive material, and the reason for this lies in the air or gases contained in the material trapped inside it, as materials that contain a high percentage of voids Or cavities filled with air or static gases have poor thermal conductivity and vice versa.

Studies indicate that the heat that is transferred through the walls and ceilings in summer days is estimated at 60-70% of the heat to be removed by the air conditioners, while the rest comes from windows and ventilation openings, and this requires the consumption of electrical energy in the summer to cool the building up to 66% of the All electrical energy consumed in the building.

They emphasized that the importance of thermal insulation lies in reducing the consumption of electrical energy used for air conditioning purposes, due to the reduction of heat leakage through walls and ceilings, which also leads to lower costs.

This is what our prefabricated walls have resorted to, and we have made heat-insulating walls and therefore save a rate ranging between 60% to 80% of energy.

In the next article, we will talk about sound insulation and how Revalue used it in its walls

firefighting ready-made walls

New Firefighting ready-made walls

Construction ready-made walls materials can be generally divided into three types including bricks, blocks and panels.

As a new wall material, the lightweight wall panel can be used as an alternative to the traditional combination of solid brick, wall panels in combination with concrete are widely used in interior walls, exterior walls, ceiling panels, floor tiles and partition walls.

Lightweight composite wall panels are prefabricated and machine-packaged in factories, so they are precise and stable. Moreover, it can be sawed, straightened, drilled and nailed, so it can be assembled directly on site and then complete the construction.

Using lightweight wall panels as a building material can reduce labor intensity and reduce construction time.
These materials are characterized by several properties, including water resistance, moisture resistance and resistance to the expansion of freezing water, thus they comply with the Turkish standard specifications and do not contain toxic or harmful substances.

In addition, these materials have high fire resistance performance, so they are also used in all types of buildings and establishments, residential, commercial, industrial and administrative.

Polystyrene is our prefabricated wall material and this material does not have any reaction with fire to emit any dangerous or toxic fumes or gases. A high degree of fire resistance has been observed in the concrete foam and it is a cost-effective fire-retardant structural material that can be used in construction.

The reason behind this amazing property of concrete is due to the presence of the main ingredients being cement and polystyrene. Also, the combination of these materials in the walls produces an inert material that does not interact with fire.

In other words, the concrete material has a lower thermal conductivity value. This low value makes the concrete to conduct heat very slowly act as an ideal shield to protect the adjacent space and the materials themselves from damage caused by fire.
The production of fire-retardant concrete is no different from that of standard concrete.

Reducing cracking in concrete due to high temperatures is achieved by using polyester. This is thus a way to increase concrete’s fire resistance. At temperatures around 160 ° C, these polymers melt and create channels that allow the resulting water vapors to escape.

This process will help reduce pore pressures and reduce the risk of splintering or bursting
According to the Turkish standard specifications, our prefabricated walls take about 114 minutes of fire before collapsing.

Building’s properties made with ready-made walls

Building’s properties made with ready-made walls and ceilings produced by Revalue for Modern Building Systems:

  • One of the most important advantages of our walls is that it provides a great saving in the time required for construction, as the walls are ready-made in the factory and transported ready for installation at the work site.
  • It saves up to 30% of the construction and foundation costs because you will reduce the labor required for the walls and will also reduce the cement used to affix the concrete or red bricks used in the traditional methods.
  • Providing a large percentage of the amount allocated for maintenance of the structure, because walls are long-lived and can be used thousands of times before they are replaced, and they are also environmentally friendly.
  • Reducing the loads on the structure because the weight of the ready-made walls from Revalue is less than the weight of conventional walls.
  • It is possible to apply the finishing works on the walls from Revalue as safely as traditional methods without any additional effort, but you will save the materials for flesh and whiteness, while the traditional wall needs flesh and whiteness before painting.
  • Ready-made walls in our factories are manufactured using modern, computer-programmed machines with high technology and accurate measurements, as well as special measurements that can be made upon request, while traditional construction depends mainly on the craftsmanship of builders, and not all masons have that skill.
  • Saving a large percentage of the parts designated for walls throughout the entire structure, as ready-made walls are less thick than traditional red or cement brick walls.
  • Complete insulation of heat and sound, because the walls are mainly made of lightweight foam concrete with added polystyrene insulation material.
  • Ease of construction with pre-fabricated walls compared to traditional construction because it comes to the installation immediately.
  • Revalue ready-made walls can be used in housing construction, commercial and industrial projects, etc., and because of the light weight of the ready-made wall, it can be used to add other floors to the old building.

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how did people build your homes in the past

How did people build your homes in the past?

Did you ask yourself before that, how did people build your homes in the past? How did the story begin with the cement and gypsum boards? What made people accept it? The construction process at any time was definitely difficult because it consumed a lot of time and effort.

That is why people started looking for better and faster alternatives to construction, and from here began to use gypsum and cement panels, and this is because their installation is easy and fast and does not require much labor. The panels are not only suitable for homes and administrative buildings; they can also be used in mega projects and skyscrapers. Thanks to the panels and their practical and distinct uses, designers and engineers could implement their designs more boldly, which was almost impossible before.

Advantages of ready-made concrete walls:

  1. Ready-made concrete walls act as thermal storage to delay and reduce thermal loads, the insulation in the wall panels is cost-efficient as well as energy saving of buildings between 60% and 80%. There is no need to conduct thermal insulation in areas where Revalue wall panels are used since its thermal conductivity value is 0.08 (TSE EN 1745 ve TS EN ISO 6946)
  2. Ready-made concrete wall can be used as load-bearing buildings and will save costs by eliminating the need for an additional structural framing system, also can hold all kinds of gypsum and plaster material thanks to its durability. It also encourages decreasing construction time as it is very lightweight and flexible.
  3. Ready-made concrete walls can be designed for reuse of future building expansions.
  4. The durability of the ready-made concrete creates a low maintenance structure that withstands harsh climatic conditions.
  5. Ready-made concrete colors and finishes can be achieved through the use of various types of aggregates, cements, pigments and finishing techniques.
  6. The ready-made concrete wall panels can use a thin brick veneer that can achieve a traditional facade appearance.
  7. Ready-made concrete walls can be produced using materials including shape lining, artwork and lettering to provide distinct treatments.
  8. Ready-made concrete wall panels can have electrical boxes and ducts in the panels, to provide flush electrical installations on walls that should not be framed.
  9. Provides a safe and comfortable living environment where individuals can rest assured all year round throughout all weather conditions.

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Characteristics of ready-made concrete walls

Characteristics of New ready-made concrete walls

REVALUE Ready-made wall panels are a newly invented wall block technique that is easy to use when building prefabricated homes as well as conducting interior space re-shaping in homes or workplaces. It can also be used in sheathing building walls in a safe and almost effortless manner. Revalue ready-made wall panels do not require lots of workmanship as it can be easily customized and cut into different shapes and sizes.

The main components of the ready-made walls are gypsum board frames from each side that is then filled with expended polystyrene (EPS) a material that increases the insulation level of the wall. We also use a light cemented foam filling instead of traditional concrete in order to have better heat and sound insulation. The walls are totally fire proof even when exposed to direct fire which makes them a very safe choice for homes and places that include children, elderly and valuable material.

Always when you rely on a company that cares about its agent and considers it a basic pillar in its success and development, and it equates its profits and success as a success for it and an added value for it and its balance in the market, and you constantly seek to develop and maintain the success of the agent or supplier, you will succeed


In Revalue the agent finds all means of assistance, attention and assistance. Your experience with Revalue will not be local or regional, but rather global.

Characteristics of ready-made concrete walls:

  • Thermal resistance:

The ready-made walls infer the features of their warm implementation mainly from the gauge of protection in depression or inside the reinforcement divider which is usually a metal stud divider.

  • Moisture protection:

Moisture protection in ready-made walls is of great importance as structural parts such as columns and beams are not structurally attached to ready-made walls, sealant used in joints and joints to prevent moisture from entering the building, to maintain homogeneity of ready-made walls and sealants, sealants are used Pigmented.

  • Fire Safety:

Ready-made walls are manufactured with concrete which has a good fireproof material.

  • Soundproofing:

The ready-made wall will give a comparative execution in terms of transmitting sound from outside to inside the building.

  • durability:

The durability parameter for ready-made walls is the same as that of concrete, however the durability depends on the type of connections made with the structural member, any irregularities in the member can be corrected by sandblasting, total wash detection, corrosion, hedging, or various methods.

  • Easy to maintain:

Since walls are made of maintenance-free concrete, the joints, sealants, anchors and attachments used in ready-made walls require regular maintenance.

Types of precast concrete walls

Types of precast concrete walls

Precast concrete walls are a set of solid precast wall panels with typical thicknesses that can be load-bearing or non-load-bearing, in which, articulation, decorative and mix design are available to meet design requirements, the main function of precast walls is to accelerate the construction process In this article, we will discuss the types, properties, and advantages of precast concrete walls.

Types of precast concrete walls:

  • Cladding or Curtain Walls:

Cladding walls or canopies are the most widely used pre-cast walls for building envelopes which are non-load bearing walls intended for use for wind resistance and space encapsulation, this type of pre-cast wall includes partition panels, window divider units, rotating poles and partition covers.

  • load-bearing wall:

Bearing wall units counteract the loads and their exchange from various components and cannot be removed or dismantled without affecting the quality or reliability of the building.

  • Shear walls:

Shear walls are used to give frame parallel to parallel load when attached to stomach activity in floor development, portability of precast shear dividers is generally necessary over direct assemblies.

Types of connections in precast concrete walls:

  • Blocked connections:

Plugged splices are a simplified and fast method of erection process, the final alignment and adjustment can be done later without attaching lever time, the screw should be according to the installation drawings using materials specified by the designer.

  • Welded Joints:

Welded joints are the most common and typical connection in precast concrete installation. These connections are structurally efficient and easily adapt to different field conditions, the connection is usually made by placing a loose plate between two structural steel sheets embedded in the cast in place plate or in a precast concrete panel Casting and welded together.

  • Bolt Connections:

In anchor bolt connections, the strength of the nails in tension or shear depends on the anchor diameter, embedded length, and joint development. Anchor bolts and anchor bolts that protrude from the foundation are the first critical contact with pre-cast members.

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Modern technologies save 20-30% of construction costs

The development of the building In the past, the building was constructed using limited materials, such as stones and wood, and it is worth noting that it was designed and implemented by primitive means, but it was effective, and the process of building and construction was done slowly, and lasts for a long time that may sometimes reach For a few centuries, with the passage of time, the means of design, implementation, and materials used in construction developed, so there were huge, modern and complex buildings with a complex design, hundreds of building materials were used in their construction, knowing that their design, planning, and implementation take place in a limited period. And a relatively few, ranging from 2-5 years.

The majority of companies operating in the global building and construction sector have turned to relying on the application of modern technology and technologies in implementing a large number of projects, and employing more new global innovations that contribute effectively to saving time, effort and money in rates ranging between 20 and 30%, while ensuring high quality and services. In the modern building, which guarantees advanced levels of the nature of life for its residents.

The experts focus that saving the cost of construction lies in two important matters, namely, studying the saving in the element of time spent in the implementation of the project, regardless of whether it is a residential building, villa or other, considering that time has a price, and also so that the project enters into the actual investment quickly, and this requires Specific schedules with programmed times.

NOWADAYS Building methods have gone through a fair share of the development of technology and the revolution of discoveries, until there are so-called modern building methods or modern building technology; It completely differed from the traditional methods but kept its quality and durability, so that modern building technology contributed to creating faster and less expensive construction processes than the old ones, and got rid of many of the risks involved, but in return there are other risks that can be overcome with perfect planning and problem solving by engineering methods.

For example Ready-made walls:

Prefabricated panels are a technology used to manufacture floors and walls, but it is not done inside the work site, rather it is prepared in advance, then transported to the site and installed there according to the plan, and this method is highly effective in construction operations that contain repeated walls and floors, as it can be The prefabricated panels contain all building finishes such as insulation, windows and doors.


which is the Better wall system in building?

If you are wondering which option is better in building, light wall systems or traditional bricklaying methods or wood walls, you should read this article!

People have relied on traditional building methods, using stones and bricks for a long time, due to the lack of other alternatives. With the spread of light wall systems after the Second World War, these walls revolutionized the construction industry, providing the world with easy and practical building solutions compared to previous methods.

And because Revalue is the leader in lightweight wall systems and building solutions, it always offers its customers products that comply with international standards and requirements with Turkish quality.

For the convenience of our customers, Revalue offers home and building systems with ready-made walls which theirs main components are gypsum board frames from each side that is then filled with expended polystyrene (EPS) a material that increases the insulation level of the wall. We also use a light cemented foam filling instead of traditional concrete in order to have better heat and sound insulation. The walls are totally fire proof even when exposed to direct fire which makes them a very safe choice for homes and places that include children, elderly and valuable material, as well as many other lightweight solutions.

Now let us know together the reasons that lead specialists in the field of construction to resort to light panels in construction and why they prefer them over the classical methods?

  • Flexibility in design Light panels lends themselves to various designs, giving designers the opportunity to innovate and create.
  • The ease of installing the panels makes them require less labor, which increases their economic feasibility.
  • Lightweight panels reduce loads on columns and beams, reducing in return construction costs.
  • Ease of transportation and storage.
  • Environmentally friendly as it is made up of safe and healthy materials.
  • Highly efficient in sound insulation, it is ideal for offices and homes in busy neighborhoods and cities.
  • High efficiency in thermal insulation, it controls the room temperature in summer and winter.
  • When comparing lighter panels to a brick wall, panels can save the maximum space in a building.
  • Ease of adjustments, as it is easy to operate at any stage of construction.
  • Mildew resistant, thus offering customers a healthy choice.
  • Fire resistance feature for added safety and peace of mind for you and your family.
  • The panels do not need any type of insulation.

Revalue lightweight panels are the best in the world.

Now tell us what kind of walls do you have in your home or office? Which species do you prefer?

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REVALUE Joined the IBF Congress 2019

REVALUE Joined the IBF Congress 2019

We attended to IBF Congress 2019 at Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

We visited IBF Congress 2019 which held at Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina between 16 October – 19 October.

Our Marketing Manager Mr. Serkan ÖZER represented us on IBF Sarajevo 2019 Congress. 1000 business people attended the organisation and it is very good chance to introduce our company in this exhibition. Congress organised by MUSIAD. Bosnia and Herzegovina is newly developing country and because of its nature there are lots of investment opportunities especially at farm and animal production. Villa type singular living units for families are also common at the country since most of the people are working as a farmer.

We joined also B2B meetings at the congress which are very good and useful to get new local contacts at the country. Sarajevo is very historical country and with its nature tourism will be a good sector to invest. REVALUE light gauge house solutions will support Bosnia’s economy. Our new chicken poultry designs will give engineering touch to Sarajevo’s industry.

IBF Congress Speech – Numan Kurtulmuş
B2B Meetings
B2B Meetings
IBF Congress 2019
B2B Meetings
IBF Congress 2019 Sarajevo
B2B Meetings
IBF Congress 2019 Sarajevo
IBF Congress 2019




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