How acoustic insulation of buildings work?

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Sound insulation for walls

At the present time, it has become important to take care to isolate rooms and newly constructed buildings, as the insulation helps to preserve the privacy of the population as it prevents from being affected by external noise resulting from the population density in cities in particular, because population density is the reason for the large number of high-rise buildings that contain many apartments, In which there are many people who reside next to each other.

So it is important to preserve the privacy of each house in general through isolation during the construction of the house, and the insulation has many types and benefits, the most important types of which are sound and heat insulation, and the benefits of these two types of insulation are very many, including reducing Noise and reduce electrical consumption, so that good insulation preserves the internal heat of the building, reducing the use of air-conditioning equipment in the summer and heating equipment in the winter.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation is intended to ensure that sound does not travel to and from the place to be isolated, and when placing materials to isolate sound, it is important to understand a lot of engineering terms through which the appropriate type of insulation is determined, such as knowing the speed of sound, sound frequency, sound intensity and other factors that affect the type and quality of insulation. The type of insulating material used in cinemas is not the same as used in homes or companies, and the insulation process is done by placing the materials designated for the insulation process between the concrete while it is under construction, and there are many insulating materials that each type has ideal methods for implementing the perfect insulation.

There are materials for thermal insulation only and there are materials for sound insulation only and there are some materials that can be used as sound and heat insulators together, such: Polystyrene material

Polystyrene foam is a good thermal insulator and therefore it is used as a building insulation material, and it is used in insulating concrete forms and building systems with insulating structural panels.

Revalue prefabricated walls are created by pouring a lightweight concrete filler added to an insulating polystyrene material into a mold and on both sides are gypsum boards that are then treated in a controlled environment, ensuring complete sound and thermal insulation.