In Cairo, Egypt faced with the challenging issues of both the increasing construction costs and the energy deficiency, the inventor of this Product Architect Tarek A. Karim started to think of a solution that can suit a wide range of customers in the new Cairo & Giza new projects.

One of the special materials was suggested for bricks to be made out of, with the aim of isolating high temperatures and saving energy.

While working on developing this brick wall, Mr. Tarek, the inventor, studied how to improve its efficien- cy, maximize its utility and keep 100 % of its quality benefits while downsizing the brick to only 10 % of its size. And here started the idea and hence the whole story of this new wall technology.

In this context, the following were the triggering factors behind the development of this idea:
I. Gaps of inefficiency because of avoiding plans to control environmental effects like weather. This

necessitated better insulation methods.
II. The best cost/utility ratio of existing construction materials in term of weight, heat and sound insulation. III. The high cost of traditional buildings due to traditional less effective building techniques.
IV. The need to save energy.

All these shortcomings and experienced problems combined altogether produced the need for the development of this new wall system.

  • Thanks to its specially formulated concrete, the whole of the structure is built as one layer.
  • The traditional procedures that incorporate plaster finishing have reduced the isolation efficiency. This led to the idea of the invention of the prefabricated insulated prefinished walls in the new system.