Building’s properties made with ready-made walls

Building’s properties made with ready-made walls and ceilings produced by Revalue for Modern Building Systems:

  • One of the most important advantages of our walls is that it provides a great saving in the time required for construction, as the walls are ready-made in the factory and transported ready for installation at the work site.
  • It saves up to 30% of the construction and foundation costs because you will reduce the labor required for the walls and will also reduce the cement used to affix the concrete or red bricks used in the traditional methods.
  • Providing a large percentage of the amount allocated for maintenance of the structure, because walls are long-lived and can be used thousands of times before they are replaced, and they are also environmentally friendly.
  • Reducing the loads on the structure because the weight of the ready-made walls from Revalue is less than the weight of conventional walls.
  • It is possible to apply the finishing works on the walls from Revalue as safely as traditional methods without any additional effort, but you will save the materials for flesh and whiteness, while the traditional wall needs flesh and whiteness before painting.
  • Ready-made walls in our factories are manufactured using modern, computer-programmed machines with high technology and accurate measurements, as well as special measurements that can be made upon request, while traditional construction depends mainly on the craftsmanship of builders, and not all masons have that skill.
  • Saving a large percentage of the parts designated for walls throughout the entire structure, as ready-made walls are less thick than traditional red or cement brick walls.
  • Complete insulation of heat and sound, because the walls are mainly made of lightweight foam concrete with added polystyrene insulation material.
  • Ease of construction with pre-fabricated walls compared to traditional construction because it comes to the installation immediately.
  • Revalue ready-made walls can be used in housing construction, commercial and industrial projects, etc., and because of the light weight of the ready-made wall, it can be used to add other floors to the old building.

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