Characteristics of New ready-made concrete walls

Characteristics of ready-made concrete walls

REVALUE Ready-made wall panels are a newly invented wall block technique that is easy to use when building prefabricated homes as well as conducting interior space re-shaping in homes or workplaces. It can also be used in sheathing building walls in a safe and almost effortless manner. Revalue ready-made wall panels do not require lots of workmanship as it can be easily customized and cut into different shapes and sizes.

The main components of the ready-made walls are gypsum board frames from each side that is then filled with expended polystyrene (EPS) a material that increases the insulation level of the wall. We also use a light cemented foam filling instead of traditional concrete in order to have better heat and sound insulation. The walls are totally fire proof even when exposed to direct fire which makes them a very safe choice for homes and places that include children, elderly and valuable material.

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Characteristics of ready-made concrete walls:

  • Thermal resistance:

The ready-made walls infer the features of their warm implementation mainly from the gauge of protection in depression or inside the reinforcement divider which is usually a metal stud divider.

  • Moisture protection:

Moisture protection in ready-made walls is of great importance as structural parts such as columns and beams are not structurally attached to ready-made walls, sealant used in joints and joints to prevent moisture from entering the building, to maintain homogeneity of ready-made walls and sealants, sealants are used Pigmented.

  • Fire Safety:

Ready-made walls are manufactured with concrete which has a good fireproof material.

  • Soundproofing:

The ready-made wall will give a comparative execution in terms of transmitting sound from outside to inside the building.

  • durability:

The durability parameter for ready-made walls is the same as that of concrete, however the durability depends on the type of connections made with the structural member, any irregularities in the member can be corrected by sandblasting, total wash detection, corrosion, hedging, or various methods.

  • Easy to maintain:

Since walls are made of maintenance-free concrete, the joints, sealants, anchors and attachments used in ready-made walls require regular maintenance.