How did people build your homes in the past?

how did people build your homes in the past

Did you ask yourself before that, how did people build your homes in the past? How did the story begin with the cement and gypsum boards? What made people accept it? The construction process at any time was definitely difficult because it consumed a lot of time and effort.

That is why people started looking for better and faster alternatives to construction, and from here began to use gypsum and cement panels, and this is because their installation is easy and fast and does not require much labor. The panels are not only suitable for homes and administrative buildings; they can also be used in mega projects and skyscrapers. Thanks to the panels and their practical and distinct uses, designers and engineers could implement their designs more boldly, which was almost impossible before.

Advantages of ready-made concrete walls:

  1. Ready-made concrete walls act as thermal storage to delay and reduce thermal loads, the insulation in the wall panels is cost-efficient as well as energy saving of buildings between 60% and 80%. There is no need to conduct thermal insulation in areas where Revalue wall panels are used since its thermal conductivity value is 0.08 (TSE EN 1745 ve TS EN ISO 6946)
  2. Ready-made concrete wall can be used as load-bearing buildings and will save costs by eliminating the need for an additional structural framing system, also can hold all kinds of gypsum and plaster material thanks to its durability. It also encourages decreasing construction time as it is very lightweight and flexible.
  3. Ready-made concrete walls can be designed for reuse of future building expansions.
  4. The durability of the ready-made concrete creates a low maintenance structure that withstands harsh climatic conditions.
  5. Ready-made concrete colors and finishes can be achieved through the use of various types of aggregates, cements, pigments and finishing techniques.
  6. The ready-made concrete wall panels can use a thin brick veneer that can achieve a traditional facade appearance.
  7. Ready-made concrete walls can be produced using materials including shape lining, artwork and lettering to provide distinct treatments.
  8. Ready-made concrete wall panels can have electrical boxes and ducts in the panels, to provide flush electrical installations on walls that should not be framed.
  9. Provides a safe and comfortable living environment where individuals can rest assured all year round throughout all weather conditions.

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