Modern technologies save 20-30% of construction costs

The development of the building In the past, the building was constructed using limited materials, such as stones and wood, and it is worth noting that it was designed and implemented by primitive means, but it was effective, and the process of building and construction was done slowly, and lasts for a long time that may sometimes reach For a few centuries, with the passage of time, the means of design, implementation, and materials used in construction developed, so there were huge, modern and complex buildings with a complex design, hundreds of building materials were used in their construction, knowing that their design, planning, and implementation take place in a limited period. And a relatively few, ranging from 2-5 years.

The majority of companies operating in the global building and construction sector have turned to relying on the application of modern technology and technologies in implementing a large number of projects, and employing more new global innovations that contribute effectively to saving time, effort and money in rates ranging between 20 and 30%, while ensuring high quality and services. In the modern building, which guarantees advanced levels of the nature of life for its residents.

The experts focus that saving the cost of construction lies in two important matters, namely, studying the saving in the element of time spent in the implementation of the project, regardless of whether it is a residential building, villa or other, considering that time has a price, and also so that the project enters into the actual investment quickly, and this requires Specific schedules with programmed times.

NOWADAYS Building methods have gone through a fair share of the development of technology and the revolution of discoveries, until there are so-called modern building methods or modern building technology; It completely differed from the traditional methods but kept its quality and durability, so that modern building technology contributed to creating faster and less expensive construction processes than the old ones, and got rid of many of the risks involved, but in return there are other risks that can be overcome with perfect planning and problem solving by engineering methods.

For example Ready-made walls:

Prefabricated panels are a technology used to manufacture floors and walls, but it is not done inside the work site, rather it is prepared in advance, then transported to the site and installed there according to the plan, and this method is highly effective in construction operations that contain repeated walls and floors, as it can be The prefabricated panels contain all building finishes such as insulation, windows and doors.