Types of precast concrete walls

Types of precast concrete walls

Precast concrete walls are a set of solid precast wall panels with typical thicknesses that can be load-bearing or non-load-bearing, in which, articulation, decorative and mix design are available to meet design requirements, the main function of precast walls is to accelerate the construction process In this article, we will discuss the types, properties, and advantages of precast concrete walls.

Types of precast concrete walls:

  • Cladding or Curtain Walls:

Cladding walls or canopies are the most widely used pre-cast walls for building envelopes which are non-load bearing walls intended for use for wind resistance and space encapsulation, this type of pre-cast wall includes partition panels, window divider units, rotating poles and partition covers.

  • load-bearing wall:

Bearing wall units counteract the loads and their exchange from various components and cannot be removed or dismantled without affecting the quality or reliability of the building.

  • Shear walls:

Shear walls are used to give frame parallel to parallel load when attached to stomach activity in floor development, portability of precast shear dividers is generally necessary over direct assemblies.

Types of connections in precast concrete walls:

  • Blocked connections:

Plugged splices are a simplified and fast method of erection process, the final alignment and adjustment can be done later without attaching lever time, the screw should be according to the installation drawings using materials specified by the designer.

  • Welded Joints:

Welded joints are the most common and typical connection in precast concrete installation. These connections are structurally efficient and easily adapt to different field conditions, the connection is usually made by placing a loose plate between two structural steel sheets embedded in the cast in place plate or in a precast concrete panel Casting and welded together.

  • Bolt Connections:

In anchor bolt connections, the strength of the nails in tension or shear depends on the anchor diameter, embedded length, and joint development. Anchor bolts and anchor bolts that protrude from the foundation are the first critical contact with pre-cast members.

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