which is the Better wall system in building?


If you are wondering which option is better in building, light wall systems or traditional bricklaying methods or wood walls, you should read this article!

People have relied on traditional building methods, using stones and bricks for a long time, due to the lack of other alternatives. With the spread of light wall systems after the Second World War, these walls revolutionized the construction industry, providing the world with easy and practical building solutions compared to previous methods.

And because Revalue is the leader in lightweight wall systems and building solutions, it always offers its customers products that comply with international standards and requirements with Turkish quality.

For the convenience of our customers, Revalue offers home and building systems with ready-made walls which theirs main components are gypsum board frames from each side that is then filled with expended polystyrene (EPS) a material that increases the insulation level of the wall. We also use a light cemented foam filling instead of traditional concrete in order to have better heat and sound insulation. The walls are totally fire proof even when exposed to direct fire which makes them a very safe choice for homes and places that include children, elderly and valuable material, as well as many other lightweight solutions.

Now let us know together the reasons that lead specialists in the field of construction to resort to light panels in construction and why they prefer them over the classical methods?

  • Flexibility in design Light panels lends themselves to various designs, giving designers the opportunity to innovate and create.
  • The ease of installing the panels makes them require less labor, which increases their economic feasibility.
  • Lightweight panels reduce loads on columns and beams, reducing in return construction costs.
  • Ease of transportation and storage.
  • Environmentally friendly as it is made up of safe and healthy materials.
  • Highly efficient in sound insulation, it is ideal for offices and homes in busy neighborhoods and cities.
  • High efficiency in thermal insulation, it controls the room temperature in summer and winter.
  • When comparing lighter panels to a brick wall, panels can save the maximum space in a building.
  • Ease of adjustments, as it is easy to operate at any stage of construction.
  • Mildew resistant, thus offering customers a healthy choice.
  • Fire resistance feature for added safety and peace of mind for you and your family.
  • The panels do not need any type of insulation.

Revalue lightweight panels are the best in the world.

Now tell us what kind of walls do you have in your home or office? Which species do you prefer?

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